Enatel Solar, a division of Enatel

New Zealand’s only designer and manufacturer of solar inverters (branded as EnaSolar)
and the new vendor-agnostic microMAX Power Monitor





A little bit of knowledge can go a long way

See how much energy you generate at home and what you’re doing with it so you can make better energy choices.


microMAX®|Power Monitor wirelessly transmits information for the energy system manager (ESM) module which is discreetly installed in your distribution board to the APP on your device.



The EnaSolar GT







Warming up to solar? Here’s the 1 thing you’ve got to get right

When it comes to solar, there’s one thing you’ve always got to get right. And that’s making sure you get a system suited to your unique needs. There’s no one size fits all.

We’ve given so much advice over the years that we’ve released this free e-book. We’re all about efficiency, so we wanted to avoid repeating ourselves..




Solar Schools Project



Icons Turnkey



Want to be a part of our hi-tech development program?

Being a partner of the hi-tech development program is an exciting opportunity to enjoy leading edge BETA technology, experiencing new innovation first.




About Us

Enatel Solar is New Zealand’s only manufacturer of solar inverter technology.