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We’re the only New Zealand manufacturer of inverter technology

All of our inverters and technology – have been blueprinted, tested to tough standards in New Zealand conditions and made on-site in Christchurch.

Everyone else imports their inverters, but we’ve been making them since 2010 with more than 10,000 in operation around the world.

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More than engineers

EnaSolar is a division of Enatel, a recognised global innovator in DC and power conversion technology. Enatel technology can be found helping people efficiently convert power around the world, from the San Francisco 49ers NFL stadium to remote African villages.

We use creative design processes to deliver exceptional product solutions.

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We know how important it is to see real returns

If you’re going to invest in solar you want to know you’re getting a return on your investment.

The GT was launched in 2010 with free in-built WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for easy home reporting, and we now offer app-based reporting. This not only means you can easily check in on your solar system’s performance any where and at any time, but you’ll have all the information you need to maximise your power efficiency.

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We’re helping schools and businesses

It’s not just about home owners. As a preferred provider to Genesis Energy’s SchoolGen programme and with our Solar Schools Project we offer independent advice and solutions to schools and businesses alike.

It’s not just about solar on the roof! We work closely with the school to help develope energy awareness and education programmes – a gift that keeps on giving.

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