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Seeing is believing

microMAX|Power Monitor is an easy to use mobile app that uses cloud-based data to give you real-time energy visibility. See how much energy you’re generating, consuming, importing, and exporting at home, then adjust how you use energy to reduce your power bills.

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Powerfully easy to use

Understanding the energy in your home should be easy. So we’ve streamlined everything with intuitive app design. Power generation, consumption, grid import and export are colour-coded for easy identification. To update your data just swipe down.

Red Green Circle Graph

Simplifies saving

Green is solar power generated and consumed while red is power imported from the grid. Reduce the red to save money, it’s as simple as that.

Green Yellow Circle Graph


Encourages smart solar exporting

Gold is power exported back to the grid. Unless you have a great tariff for contributing to the grid, aim to minimise your gold and maximise your green.

Powerful reporting

See how your home is using energy today and in the past thanks to in-depth reporting options accessed at the swipe of a finger.

Learn how to shift different power loads during the day to maximise your solar usage with the app’s  24-hour graph. For example, gold is the solar energy you’re exporting because you’re not using it. Time power loads for during the day and watch green replace gold as your savings increase.

Last 30 Days Data better

Swipe left to view historical power data with graphs ranging from 7 days to 5 years. The easy overview allows you to identify patterns of energy use. For example, if there’s a certain day in the month in which you use more imported power, you can narrow down the cause and take appropriate action to save money.

microMAX|Power Monitor

Sense Phone Data Front View

Easy-to-use mobile app that uses cloud-based data to give you real-time energy visibility

Compares solar power generation data from multiple inverters

Supports solar alarm and notifications

Perfect addition to your Solar GT Inverter 

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