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Nature’s gift for your school

Here at EnaSolar we are passionate about educating the next generation about the power of solar technology and smart energy use. That’s why we work closely with local schools to help them lead their communities into a renewable, energy efficient future. As well as visiting your school to talk about solar, we can also assess your school’s requirements and provide tailored solutions that include our locally made inverter and app-based reporting technology matched with premium solar panels.

Lead the community

Open your school community to expert solar advice as well as all the other benefits of the schools programme.

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Educate with fun & interactivity

Education should be fun and interactive – just like a solar power system. It’s a great teaching tool that gets kids involved.

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Use a school friendly solution

As daytime energy users, schools are ideal for solar. Harness the sun’s energy as you use it, creating year-on-year savings, or export to receive a credit on your next power bill.


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Help the environment

We all love our planet, so let’s do something about it as a community. Make a difference at school and at home.

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Choose technology that works

EnaSolar is used throughout the country in more than 30 schools. Wairakei School is one local example, but as a pillar of the SchoolGen programme EnaSolar technology supports systems across New Zealand that range in size from 2.0 kW to the large 30 kW array at Otonga School.

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Save in the holidays

All savings from grid imports go straight into the school during term time, but during the holidays the power generated is automatically sold back to the grid.

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Create local opportunities

Support local opportunities by using locally made technology and companies that can provide the jobs of tomorrow. Buy NZ made!

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Track performance

User-friendly app-based reporting makes it easy for anyone to see savings and power activity in action, from students to school board members.

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Solar: a gift that keeps on giving

By gifting a solar cell through a one-off donation, parents and local businesses can provide ongoing savings year after year. It’s a powerful fundraising incentive compared to traditional methods that becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

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Want to know more? Contact our Schools Programme Manager Trevor Foster:

Phone 03 366 4550 or email